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Buying a home in Illinois is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Your next move should be purchasing home insurance to safeguard your investment. At Jackson Insurance Group, Inc. in Illinois, we offer multiple options for home insurance coverage to ensure you get the protection you need. Here’s what you can expect from a standard home insurance policy:

Dwelling/Additional Structures Protection

Dwelling coverage protects your home structure against perils that can cause extensive damage or even destroy your Illinois home. These include windstorms, blizzards, hail, fire, and also water damage from faulty plumbing. Standard home insurance does not, however, cover flooding. If you want flood protection, you’ll need to get separate flood insurance coverage. If you have structures on your property that aren’t attached to your home, such as a utility shed, you can protect them with additional structures coverage.

Property Protection

This coverage protects your belongings in case they’re stolen or damaged in an unforeseen disaster. An accidental fire, for example, could destroy everything you own. Insurance coverage saves you from having to replace your goods out-of-pocket. If you choose replacement cost coverage, your insurance will cover the entire cost of replacing your products, minus your deductible. Valuable items such as pricey electronics or elegant jewelry may need extra coverage in the form of an insurance rider to fully cover their value.

Liability Protection

Liability insurance pays for the medical expenses of visitors who have accidents on your property. This includes slip and falls, injuries from playing sports in the yard, poolside injuries, cuts or burns in the kitchen, and more. With liability insurance, you can be prepared for any eventuality.

Loss of Use Protection

If you can’t live in your home due to extensive damage caused by a major disaster, loss of use coverage will compensate your living expenses elsewhere until your home is repaired.

For quality home insurance at affordable costs, contact Jackson Insurance Group, Inc. in Illinois.

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